Linney's Latin Class

Book Lectures

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Linney's Latin Class is a real Latin class with a real textbook. Therefore, before you start these lectures, let me recommend that you first go through my beginning Latin book called Getting Started with Latin. This book will give you a basic introduction to Latin grammar, giving you a good foundation for the study of Linney's Latin Class. Of course, you don't have to do this, but it will make it much easier for you to get started in this whole process. Click on the book's cover to go to the Getting Started With Latin website, or click here to go straight to the page where the book is sold on
Lesson 1: The First Declension (Singular). The Nominative Case
Lesson 2: The First Declension (Plural)
Lesson 3: The First Conjugation: Present Indicative Active. The Accusative Case
Lesson 4: The Second Conjugation: Present Indicative Active. The Genitive with Nouns. Prepositions
Lesson 5: The Second Declension: Nouns in –us and –um. The Dative of Indirect Object
Lesson 6: The Third and Fourth Conjugations: Present Indicative Active. The Ablative of Means
Lesson 7: Review. Sight Reading
Lesson 8: Adjectives of the First and Second Declensions. Agreement of Adjectives
Lesson 9: The Second Declension: Nouns in –er and –ir. Adjectives in –er. The Present Indicative of sum. Predicate Noun (16 Megabytes)
Lesson 10: The Present Indicative Passive (Conjugations 1–4). The Ablative of the Agent. UPDATED JANUARY 2015
Lesson 11: The Third Declension: Nouns in –l, –o, and –r. The Imperfect Indicative of sum. The Dative of the Possessor
Lesson 12: The Third Declension: Nouns in –men and –us. The Imperfect Indicative (First Conjugation)
Lesson 13: Review. Sight Reading
Lesson 14: The Imperfect Indicative (Conjugations 2–4). Apposition. Review of the Nominative Case
Lesson 15: The Third Declension (continued). The Ablative of Specification
Lesson 16: The Future Indicative (Conjugations 1–2). Future of sum
Lesson 17: The Third Declension (continued). The Ablative of Time. UPDATED JANUARY 2015
Lesson 18: Gender in the Third Declension. The Future Indicative (Conjugations 3–4)
Lesson 19: Review. Sight Reading. UPDATED JANUARY 2015
Lesson 20: The Perfect Indicative Active (Conjugations 1–4). Irregular Adjectives of the First and Second Declensions
Lesson 21: The Relative Pronoun quī. Agreement of the Relative. Sentences and Clauses
Lesson 22: The Second Conjugation: The Demonstrative Pronouns is and īdem
Lesson 23: The Present Subjunctive (Conjugation 1 and sum). The Subjunctive of Purpose
Lesson 24: The Present Subjunctive (Conjugations 2–4). Some Noun Clauses with ut and
Lesson 25: Adjectives of the Third Declension. The Genitive with Adjectives
Lesson 26A: Supplemental Material

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Lesson 26B: The Beginning of Caesar's Gallic Wars
Lesson 27: The Imperfect Subjunctive (Conjugations 1–4). The Imperfect Subjunctive in Clauses of Purpose, etc
Lesson 28: The Present Infinitive. The Uses of the Infinitive. The Subject of the Infinitive
Lesson 29: The Present Participle. The Gerund. The Gerundive. The Present System
Lesson 30: Third Conjugation. Verbs in -iō. The Ablative of Manner

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Lesson 31: The Pronouns hīc, iste, ille, ipse. Caesar, I. 1 (continued)
Lesson 32: The Pluperfect and Future Perfect Indicative Active (Conjugations 1–4)

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Lesson 33: Review. Caesar, I. 1 (concluded)
Lesson 34: The Perfect Participle. The Ablative Absolute
Lesson 35: The Perfect, Pluperfect and Future Perfect Indicative Passive (Conjugations 1–4). Review of the Indicative Forms
Lesson 36: Comparison of Adjectives. Declension of Comparatives
Lesson 37: Comparison of Adjectives (continued). The Ablative after a Comparative
Lesson 38: Comparison of Adjectives (concluded). The Ablative of Degree of Difference. The Dative with Adjectives
Lesson 39: Review. Caesar, I. 2 (begun)
Lesson 40: Adverbs: Their Formation and Comparison
Lesson 41: The Fourth Declension. Caesar, I. 2 (continued)
Lesson 42: The Fifth Declension. Idioms. Stems of Nouns and Adjectives
Lesson 43: The Future Active Participle. The Future Active Infinitive. The Reflexive Pronoun suī
Lesson 44: Deponent and Semi-Deponent Verbs. The Ablative with ūtor, etc
Lesson 45 is a review lesson with exercises taken verbatim from previous lessons. Because this is a recorded lecture series, you may review the material reviewed in lesson 45 by listening to past lectures. Therefore, there will be no lecture for lesson 45.
Lesson 46: The Perfect and Pluperfect Subjunctive (Conjugations 1–4). Review of the Forms of the Subjunctive. Cum denoting Time
Lesson 47: Compounds of sum. The Dative with Compounds. UPDATED JANUARY 2015
Lesson 48: The Numeral mīlle. The Genitive of the Whole. The Accusative of Space and Time
Lesson 49: The Verb fīō. The Ablative of Cause. Caesar, I. 2 (concluded). UPDATED JANUARY 2015
Lesson 50: The Subjunctive of Result. The Historical Present. The Sequence of Tenses
Lesson 51: Review. Caesar, I. 3 (begun)
Lesson 52: The Supine and its Uses. Expressions of Purpose. Caesar, I. 3 (continued)
Lesson 53: The Perfect Infinitive. Review of the Infinitive. The Perfect and Supine Systems. Caesar, I. 3 (concluded)
Lesson 54: Impersonal Verbs. Noun Clauses. Caesar, I. 4 (begun)
Lesson 55: The Verb . The Ablative of Accompaniment. Caesar, I. 4 (concluded). UPDATED JANUARY 2015
Lesson 56: The Verb ferō. Expressions of Place. The Ablative of Separation. Caesar, I. 5 (begun)
Lesson 57: Review. Caesar, I. 5 (concluded)
Lesson 58: Numeral Adjectives. Clauses of Characteristic. Caesar, I. 6 (begun). UPDATED JANUARY 2015
Lesson 59: The Genitive and Ablative of Description. Causal Clauses. Caesar, I. 6 (concluded)
Lesson 60: The Dative with Certain Verbs. Temporal Clauses. Caesar, I. 7 (begun)
Lesson 61: The Periphrastic Conjugations. The Dative of the Agent. Caesar, I. 7 (continued)
Lesson 62: The Verbs volō and nolō. Conditional sentences. Caesar, I. 7 (concluded)
Lesson 63: Review. Caesar, I. 8 (begun)
Lesson 64: The Interrogative Pronoun quis. Questions and Answers. Caesar, I. 8 (concluded)
Lesson 65: Personal Pronouns. Indefinite Pronouns. Review of Pronouns
Lesson 66: The Objective Genitive. Review of the Genitive. Caesar, 1. 9 (begun)
Lesson 67: The Datives of Purpose and of Reference. Review of the Dative. Caesar, I. 9 (concluded)
Lesson 68: Two Accusatives. Review of the Accusative and Ablative. Caesar, I. 10 (begun)
Lesson 69: The Imperative Mood. Negative Command. Caesar, I. 10 (concluded)
Lesson 70: Indirect Discourse. Caesar, I. 11 (begun)
Lesson 71: Review of the Indicative. Caesar, I. 11 (concluded)
Lesson 72: The Subjunctive in Principal Clauses. Caesar, I. 12 (begun)
Lesson 73: Concessive Clauses. Review of the Subjunctive in Subordinate Clauses. Caesar, I. 12 (concluded). UPDATED JANUARY 2015